Change ServerQuery Password


I run a teamspeak server in a docker container, which is called ts3. This container has a volume called ts3-data mounted at /var/ts3server/ All of this runs on an Ubuntu 20.04, so I’m using apt as package manager.

If you use a different setup, you might have to change some commands or variables, but everything should be clear if you have a little understanding of whats going on (otherwise you probably shouldn’t just execute commands you found on a random website).

Just for completeness, here is my docker run command:

docker run -d --name ts3 --network host -v ts3-data:/var/ts3server/ -e TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept --restart unless-stopped teamspeak

The username of which I want to change the password is serveradmin, the default query login. Just for this tutorial, I’m assuming that the new password should be verySafePassword. Don’t use this, better generate one (although I found that YaTQA seems to have trouble with extremely long passwords or some special characters, which is why I’m using an alphanumerical password just below 40 characters.

Changing the password

We need to have the sqlite3 command line interface installed, to install it run

sudo apt install sqlite3

Get our generated password into the required format:

echo -n 'verySafePassword' | openssl dgst -binary -sha1 | openssl base64

In this case, I receive the following hash: yX+IcoRkb8Kw6hlAeisyK0USDSk= Write that down for later usage.

Change into the directory of the mounted docker volume:

cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/ts3-data/_data

Stop the container:

docker stop ts3

Make a backup copy of the database, in case something goes wrong:

cp ts3server.sqlitedb ts3server.sqlitedb.backup

Open the database using the sqlite CLI tool:

sqlite3 ts3server.sqlitedb

In this CLI, enter the following (subsitute the hash given here with the hash you received at the beginning):

UPDATE clients SET client_login_password='yX+IcoRkb8Kw6hlAeisyK0USDSk=' WHERE client_login_name='serveradmin';

After this, you can close the database using Ctrl + D, no further manual saving is neccessary. Then, you can start the container again:

docker start ts3