3D Printing

Testing and calibrating your printer

I used several tests to calibrate my printer.

.. and some more, but these are the most important ones. As I got already very good slicing profiles from a friend who has the same printer, there was not that much testing neccessary.

Software I use


For modeling, I use Solidworks. At RWTH, the Software Shop offers student licenses for 5€, which are nice for learning Solidworks (you don’t have to be enrolled in any course related to it).


I use Cura for slicing. I have no idea if other programs are better, this is just what a friend recommended to me, so I use it. As I had basically no problems yet, there is currently no need to change it (which would probably require a lot of work to get the correct settings again and other things).

Some useful things I printed

This list is mostly for myself to remember and find things later again :D