RSS Reader

I’m looking for a self-hosted RSS Reader, with the following requirements:

  • Self-Hosted: obviously, but it must run on a server and provide either a Web interface or a client for multiple platforms (Win+Mac, preferably also Linux and Android). A client like Thunderbird doesn’t work for me as these clients
    • a) usually don’t sync between machines and
    • b) do not run 24/7, so I might miss some stuff when I’m offline for lets say 2-3 days.
  • Modern UI: I simply don’t enjoy using some ancient UI, Terminal is also not an option in this case as I this is mainly for reading news from news websites
  • Configurability: to be exact, this is one of the reasons I don’t want some third-party service but want it self-hosted
    • Custom Intervals: For some things I want only a few minutes between updates (e.g. newsfeeds or feeds of outages and maintenance), some things like software releases are okay if they only update once a day
    • Time after which to delete articles
  • Running in a docker container: Well, I could build one myself or whatever… but I don’t want to spend big amounts of time to fix weird bugs, I want something that just works. I have other stuff to do than fixing some RSS Reader.


There are already some articles about different options, but here is the list of options, I took a look at.

Tiny Tiny RSS


  • Looks kind of crappy, I really don’t like the design they use (especially when looking at the large blue button thats already shown on their website)
  • As far as I saw, it doesn’t have a three-column reading option (which is a must for me), although I might have overlooked it

yarr (yet another rss reader)

  • Not a fan of the installation process, which is downloading a binary and storing it somewhere (I pretty much want a docker container that just works for stuff like this)


  • No to this UI.


Sends Articles from RSS Feeds via Mail. Might be something like an emergency solution, but I favor pretty much everything over this.


I’m not sure what my problem was with this one, but it was probably that they don’t really have screenshots and also not a demo, so I was too lazy to install it myself just to test it. But since I found something else with which I’m pretty happy, I didn’t care anymore.


I already trashed a system with python venvs, so I don’t want to rely on this to install an RSS Aggregator.

Not an option

Too old interface, I just don’t like it

Don’t like the view, I’d rather have a reader where you can open each element like an email.

Final words

I’ve now decided for tt-rss, which I’m now using for a few weeks. I really like it, since it just works nicely. It syncy everything to the server, its fast and responsive, I can save stuff for later (I’m abusing the star function for this, but I also don’t know what else I should use it for so thats not a problem) and it gives me enough customization options like custom update intervals per feed.

Only problem currently is that it logs me out every like two days, which is a bit annoying. Maybe that’s just an option which I could change, but I haven’t investigated yet.